30.10 – 01.11.2014

Anton Burdakov



collaborative design workshop / performance

A basic measure of time can be conceived as the trajectory of any personally significant undertaking. One imagines a future, and the attempt to realise it traces a story. Viewing time in this way emphasises stages and mental states defined by individual relevance, the shifting balance of chemicals in the brain, and one’s relative position in a progression of events.

At the start of the festival, a team of four artists and architects come together to design a building that will house an artist’s studio. Over the course of three days, a trail of paper models charts the meanderings of thought and evolution of spaces, colour-coded according to when they were designed, endowing the work with an increasingly festive character.

Participants: Ruben Beilby, Anton Burdakov, Luca Mulé, Danae Nagel