FRIDAY / 31.10.2014 / 17:00

Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew



intervention with apples

The temporary presence of tree trunks inside the glass architecture of the Neue Nationalgalerie – David Chipperfield’s intervention Sticks and Stones – creates a strange relationship with the existing surrounding environment. They serve both as actual and symbolic representations of nature in the space. They are mediators of the tension constantly generated between architecture and nature, between the interior and exterior spaces.

The trunks were taken from spruce trees, the species associated with Christmas trees. In early modern Germany, Christian families brought this type of tree into their homes during the Christmas season and decorated them with fruit and sweets. This work considers the relationship of the spruce trunks and the building, imagining the museum as a huge Christmas tree decorated by the architecture itself. With this in mind, it is my intention to offer small irritations, which accentuate and mediate this idea in a symbolic manner.

As part of Acting Archives funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation