30.10 – 01.11.2014

Fernanda Trevellin

inside / outside


seven mobile gardens, succulent plants, remote controls

Einklang is composed of seven mobile, hexagonal gardens. Each vehicle carries a micro ecosystem composed of succulent plants chosen and arranged according to their geometrical form. Each garden is piloted by a remote control with a range of 150 metres. Visitors are invited to take the gardens for a “promenade”, deciding spontaneously where the garden will come to rest. The garden will remain in this spot until it receives a new command to move.

As micro systems within the larger system of the Nationalgalerie, the gardens constitute a tiny part of a greater whole, and they are in constant interaction with the other artworks and visitors at the Festival of Future Nows. The geometrical shape of the plants, the hexagonal vehicles, and the architecture of the building demonstrate together not only a diversity of forms, but also the repetition of patterns and connections of one form to another. Together with the gardens, each participant will be taking part in a kind of choreography, where multiple arrangements, spaces, and meetings are possible.

Collaborators: Sara Reichert (electric engineer, Technische Universität Berlin), Rebecca Dolgoy (writer, University of Oxford), Sara Rechenberg (botanist, Botanischer Garten, Berlin).