30.10 – 01.11.2014

Julian Charrière


On the sidewalk

drill core samples, stainless steel hose clamps

The installation On The Sidewalk is based on the exploration of human consciousness and the time-space relations between objects.

Core samples from many different places, depths, and time periods – including cores from geological investigations, architectures, modern streets, and old Berlin cobble- stone pavements – were collected for this work. These core samples, partly drilled by the artist himself, were then cut longitudinally into four pieces, to be reassembled separately in each sculpture and fastened with stainless steel hose-clamps.

With the reassembly of these cores – and thus of the stories and the consecutive presents that they contain – time and space are mixed and compressed to form new arrangements, creating new dialogues between both geological and architectonical elements. Each sculpture functions as an avatar of a vertical geological timeline, stressing the idea of history as a human construction.