30.10 – 01.11.2014 / various times

Leon Eixenberger

inside / outside


video projection, two hours

Two bodies in a choreography of image-making. There is a spectator and then there is you. As the sun faded, all that stayed was a silhouette.
This building should have more windows. This building couldn’t have more windows.
A typology, like an archive containing material relating exclusively to its own construction. I spent half a decade on the other side of the Atlantic. No, the other side. I thought a lot about how openness should remove borders between us, but in reality what we, you and I want, is borders removed between us.
The history of that metaphor is so heavy. NAFTA and the EU.
Your reflection anchors the room. A space within me another upon me.
Circling around us circling around.

Text by Milan Ther

Thanks to Manon Greiner, Xica Lisboa, Anna McDowell, Randy Reyes