FRIDAY / 31.10.2014 / 13:00 – 14:00

Louwrien Wijers



talk and conversation

“Education is only possible through initiation. One needs an example. In earlier times the teacher was the example that one followed. He was the catalyst who brought out the inner wisdom of the student. The correct procedure for education is based on helping to realise that which a student already knows. The biggest problem of our time is that information is falsely seen as knowledge. We have become more stupid because of the abundance of information. We believe that the illusion created by way of information is reality, but the real knowledge is within us. If one is inspired and lives according to the order of the universe then one can through intuition work with the real knowledge. Intu- ition has its seat in the third eye, the sixth chakra. Thinking rationally has its seat in the third chakra. Artists, poets and saints live beyond rational consciousness.

“For the development of one’s wisdom one has to in the first place be aware of the food one eats. Knowledge is directly linked with the chemical balance in our body. Secondly one has to learn how to control the mind, because lower thoughts take much energy away from higher consciousnesses. Only from a controlled mind can one start to develop one’s subtle consciousness by the practice of one-pointed concentration.”

— Harish Johair