SATURDAY / 01.11.2014

Lucas Buschfeld




Mendy is the poetic visualisation of a natural occurrence – electricity – that is always present, but is, in itself and without a medium, invisible to us. We are familiar with its function and the results of its usage, but seldom do we witness its nature and character as we do with Mendy. Mendy reiterates the notion that there is something mystical and supernatural in the relationship between men, science, and art. Almost a happening, Mendy is a perceptional event, somewhere “between a planned concept and [a] free acceptance of what will happen, but will happen according to precise, prearranged formative patterns, which do not negate spontaneity, but give it boundaries and potential directions”, to borrow the words of Umberto Eco. Unlike the immobility of a historically archetypical work of art that waits to be seen – such as a painting or a sculpture – Mendy, as the medium of electricity, seemingly makes itself while we watch.

(Adapted from a text by Laura Henseler)