30.10 – 01.11.2014

Macarena Ruiz-Tagle

outside, sculpture garden


sculptural intervention

This artwork exists in relation to the idea of walking: moving the body in space while observing a surface that reflects that action in a directly entangled camouflaged reaction. Situated inside the sculpture garden, a quiet ambience encompasses the pictorial communication between body and motion.

Photos by Simon Holischka and Franziska Strauss
Sculpture Garden, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Surrounding sculptures by Auguste Renoir (La grande laveuse accroupie, 1917-1918), Bernhard Heiliger (Drei vertikale Motive, 1966-1967), Nikolaus Gerhart (Bohrung XI, zweiteilig, 1985), Ernesto De Fiori (Großer Schreitender, 1921) and Gerhard Marcks (Maja, 1942).

The artwork was made possible thanks to the generous support of Akzo Nobel Coatings GmbH and Alanod GmbH.

Akzo Nobel         Alanod