30.10 – 01.11.2014

Quynh Vantu



aluminum tube, steel wire, helium balloons

A curious cube is suspended in mid-air, floating freely throughout the gallery. Meandering through the space, it mirrors its surroundings and changes course upon the shifting air currents and the obstacles within its path. Platonic Solid – Earth is durational, and its degree of weightlessness will change over time, causing it to assume various heights. The form is a cube, a platonic solid consisting of legs of equal lengths. The platonic solids correspond to the five classical elements – cube with earth, tetrahedron with fire, octahedron with air, dodecahedron with ether, and icosahedron with water. Over the course of the three-day Festival of Future Nows, Platonic Solid – Earth will gradually lose its elevation and come to rest upon the gallery floor, “earth” ultimately resting upon the earth.