SATURDAY / 01.11.2014 / 17:30

Tamrat Gezahegne




The idea for my performance began in the nature surrounding Addis Ababa. On my daily route through the hilly woods around the city, I happened to see the fallen leaves and their beautiful patterns and colours. These, of course, are created by the natural process of dying, drying, and decaying.

At the same time I recognise that what I see and hear misunderstands plants, trees, and the climate. There is a rising big fire in all different parts of the world’s forests and jungles. There are meetings on all continents to find healthy climate solution for our planet earth. We work toward the decrease in big industries’ pollution. We plant trees, and the trees offer a solution and shade.

Here I stand, performing in a conceptual jungle installation, to address green notions, greening.

Photo 1 by Yero Adugna

Kindly supported by Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa
As part of Acting Archives funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation