30.10 – 01.11.2014

Vinzenz Reinecke

inside / outside and lobby of lower level


ongoing performance, talk on Saturday 01.11.2014, 18:00

I will assume the role of Mies van der Rohe as a time traveller. I begin with the following scenario: in 1911, at the age of 25, Mies van der Rohe is given the opportunity to travel through time to the year 2014 in order to see what the future looks like. I will be the young Mies van der Rohe in the year 2014. I will be present during the entire festival, walking around and talking to people in the character of Mies van der Rohe. I will deliver a short speech in the downstairs lobby on Saturday evening, to which you are all warmly invited.

This performance is inspired by the films K-PAX and Being John Malkovich.