SATURDAY / 01.11.2014 / 18:00




performance / workshop, ninety minutes (in English)

Black Triangle is a feminist workshop and performance based on a poem by the Danish poet Mette Moestrup. The conceptual and instructional poem is about women who reject different negative meanings of a black triangle: UFOs, polluted areas, ice storm black, designation for lesbians in Nazi concentration camps. The audience is invited to participate a performance / workshop facilitated by Bling Bling Recycling Collective and Mette Moestrup, working with the triangle shape and questions of community and belonging. As a part of the workshop, visitors can make their own black triangle – a copy of the triangle-shaped book.

Collaborators: Mette Moestrup, Rike Scheffler and the Bling Bling Recycling Collective (Cécile Bally, Anna Lena Lehr, Tabea Xenia Magyar and Emma Tricard)

WORDS THAT HURT is a 3-part poetry intervention, inspired by the eponymous rhyme of David Chipperfield’s exhibition: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Writers and artists working with words that do hurt will test the meaning, weight and impact of their words. Each part of this intervention, curated by Rike Scheffler, aims to explore both the potentials and the limits of words and language, letting them interact with graphics (part 1), sounds (part 2), and bodies (part 3). These interventions examine how words shape our political, physical, and emotional realities, and how they disrupt or soothe our minds and beings.

We do have to warn you: you (and some of the words you know) might get hurt.

Photo 2 by Yero Adugna