30.10 – 01.11.2014 / 21:30

Yuichiro Tamura

inside / outside



A car equipped with industrial lighting illuminates the interior of the Neue Nationalgalerie from the outside. The car moves around the building slowly at varying angles. On account of the scores of tree trunks installed in the Nationalgalerie as part of the David Chipperfield exhibition Sticks and Stones, the car’s circuit around the building generates myriad stark and constantly shifting shadows within. These impressive patterns, in concert with the steady motion of the car, serve to visualise time, like abstract hands of a clock.

Whereas in a traditional camera, a light source causes chemical changes in a photo-sensitive medium like film, here a different sort of camera has been created where the photosensitive medium is a human.

With generous support by
Production Resource Group AG – Frank Vogelsgesang, Björn Hermann,
lightpower, EPS, and Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Japan

Photos 1+4+5 by PRG, www.prg.de