FRIDAY / 31.10.2014 / 11:00 – 15:00

inside, central clearing

“We start from a utopia: or better put: we re-start our relationship to our surroundings: we say: this is our nature now. We start from a Now, in order to forget the history of things, the history that makes them property. The history that says: this is not ours, we cannot use it.

“Thus we become the indigenous culture of our culture, we go back to the jungle, only that this jungle is now around us and was grown in stone and concrete. The jungle sustains our lives, we go to the jungle to provide for ourselves, we use the jungle to build what we need to sustain and protect ourselves from the jungle. We have to fight for what we want. But not too much, because there is plenty, more then enough for all …

“Watch out for this moment, where you connect the disconnected desires in language only. Watch for the gap in this connection, see how we weave actions together. Look at them beyond reasoning, look for the gap of reason between them. The law knows no gap, it has an inborn horror vaccui. This gap is your chance, because actions are allowed and not allowed on the principle of fitting or not fitting to the fabric of law. Knowing this, its not a matter of whether an action is right anymore, it becomes a matter of finding the right connection to the law, finding the string of symbols that would connect what you want to what is already there.”

Jil Harris, “The Anarchy of Now”

“After all what is power at any given moment? It does not exist beyond the collective
redistribution of responsibility for violence.”

Soouk Ahrendsdottir, “Preamble”